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Over years, RSSRG Faculty have supervised a number of PhD students and mentored a number of post-Doctoral Research Associates. Many of them now occupy research or other positions in a number of Australian or overseas institutions. 
The list below includes those who were part of RSSRG in the past 10 years or so

Name Position in RSSRG When was this? Where now?
Owen GIERSCH Solar Physics 2017-2019
Nina SCHUBACK Field Oceanographer, ACE project 2016-2017 Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Swiss Polar Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland
Passang DORJI PhD student, post Doctoral RA 2013-2017 Remote sensing scientist, Geosciences Australia (GA), Canberra, Australia
Now at Landgate, Perth
Diandong REN Associate Professor 2012-2016 Remote sensing scientist, Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), Melbourne, Australia
Muhammad Omer MUGHAL PhD student 2012-2016 Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
Victor S. INDASI PhD student 2012-2016 Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) - Cape Town, South Africa
Matthew SLIVKOFF PhD student 2008-2016 Engineer RSSRG, and co-founder of IMO, Perth WA
Rodrigo GARCIA PhD student 2010-2014 Univ Mass., Boston USA, Now post-doctoral research associate at UWA
Mark BROOMHALL Master, PhD student, then Technician/Programmer/Researcher 1999-2016 Remote sensing scientist, Geosciences Australia (GA), Canberra, Australia
Lachlan MCKINNA Post-Doctoral RA 2011-2013 SAIC/NASA GSFC, Ocean Ecology lab., Greenbelt, USA; Now leading Go2Q
Daniel MARRABLE PhD student 2010-2014 Curtin Institute of Computation, Curtin University, Perth, WA
Brendon MCATEE PhD student 2010-2014 Landgate, Perth, WA, then Frontier SI
Alan PEARCE PhD student 2010-2014 Alan passed away in 2016
Mark GRAY PhD student 2010-2014 Pawsey supercomputing Center, Perth, WA
Luke EDWARDS IT developments 2010-2014 Pawsey supercomputing Center, Perth, WA
Cindy ONG PhD student 2010-2014 CSIRO, Perth, WA
François JEANNERET Engineer 2010-2014 --
Leon MAJEWSKI PhD student 2010-2014 Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia
Wojciech KLONOWSKI PhD student 2008-2016 Co-founder of IMO, Perth WA
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