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Satellite remote sensing and Earth observation at Curtin

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RSSRG started discussions within Curtin, as to whether a broader group in the domains of satellite remote sensing and Earth observation could be formed, bringing together academics and other staff currently working in these domains and scattered in various groups.

We started by organising a “remote sensing day” that included the presentations below and with the initial aim of getting to know each other a bit better.

The agenda is below.

Following the 2019 workshop (above), and in an effort to give Curtin’s satellite remote sensing research more visibility and capacity, the Remote Sensing and Satellite Research Group (RSSRG) has welcome four Academics who have been active in this domain as part of the Spatial Science department, with research in land-related quantitative remote sensing. 

Joseph Awange, Ashraf Dewan, Mick Filmer and Cecilia Xia have expressed willingness to align their research under the RSSRG banner, which is a great way for everyone in the group to benefit from a larger skill base, with the aim of fostering more exchange of ideas and, over the longer term, of building new research across the land and marine domains.

A first group meeting was held on 27th August, for everyone to update the group about current projects and future prospects. 

The agenda is as follows, and presentations are available from the highlighted links.

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