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Students and interns

Tristan CAMPBELL Shawn BOS Ahmed Eqan FARHATH
Tristan has over 15 years of experience in the application of geoscience to environmental, groundwater and geotechnical projects, including working on some of the world's biggest LNG and iron ore mining projects. His PhD candidature is a combination of his professional experience with his hobby of beekeeping: using a combination of spectroradiometer, drone and satellite data to in an effort build a model to detect, and potentially predict, flowering Marri trees (Corymbia calophylla) which produce the largest honey harvest in Western Australia. He is active in the local community and industry, being on the board for the Rotary Club of Perth and the South-East Region Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) and a member of the beekeeping section of the Department of Agriculture and Food's Agricutural Produce Commission. Shawn Bos is a PhD candidate undertaking a research project on hyperspectral classification using airborne data. His interests lie in many areas in physics but is especially keen on computational physics as applied to environmental science or quantum mechanics. His honours degree project used FORTRAN 77 to computationally model the Poisson equation in Density Functional Theory. After graduating from Curtin University, Shawn went on to develop a career involving computers. After putting himself through an MCSE, he successfully attained several system administration positions. He next turned to secondary mathematics teaching after completing a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. Currently, Shawn has returned to physics where he is completing his PhD in hyperspectral remote sensing. Algorithms were written in C++ (and some in FORTRAN 2008) to process the huge data sets necessary. Other languages utilised during the thesis included MATLAB, Matplotlib and ENVI. Eqan is an undergraduate student at Curtin University studying a double degree of Physics & Electronics and Communication Engineering. While studying, he has been involved with the Curtin Motorsport Team, undertaking telemetry and dash projects for the race car, showcasing his passion for electronics design and manufacturing. He has also been involved with Innovation Central Perth, completing a LoRaWAN enabled IoT package prototype to be deployed as part of the Wireless Waterways Project in Mandurah. His main interest lies in planetary studies and ocean exploration and this lead him to complete his penultimate year physics project with the Curtin Remote Sensing and Satellite Research Group. His project was centred on prototyping a telemetry tool purpose-built for radiometric ocean drifters that could allow for improved validation of ocean colour remote sensing satellite instruments. He was able to demonstrate this telemetry tool in a simulated data collection environment with the integration of nanosatellite based data transmission and resulting data visualisation on a web application
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